Advertise on Philly Grub

Update: If you are a brand looking to “partner” with us to promote your brand, product, app, etc. please note that is considered advertising. If you are NOT local to Philadelphia and you want a mention on this site or on social media, that is a PAID partnership. Please be prepared to discuss your budget when you contact us. TY!

Philly Grub offers the following site, email list, and social media advertising opportunities.

  • Sponsored Blog Posts. (See example here)

  • Sponsored Links.

  • Sidebar Ads.

  • Background Rental (on Blog, Twitter & Facebook page)

  • Sponsored Tweets.

  • Sponsored Instagram.

  • Live Tweeting Your Event.

  • Twitter Chats.

  • All of the Above!

  • Got something else in mind?

Advertising rates as low as $25/week! Get in front of over 10,000 blog readers per month, 17,500+ Twitter followers, 7,500+ Instagram followers, 1,600+ Facebook friends/fans, and more.

Let’s work together! Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Or click here.


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