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Lima Fusion To Open in New Hope in June

OCTOBER 2017 UPDATE: It’s open!

New Hope, PA is getting a new Peruvian and Latin American fusion restaurant, Lima Fusion, from Jack Egoavil, the restauranteur behind Doylestown’s Quinoa Restaurant and Lambertville’s El Tule. He made the announcement on Instagram today. He is partnering with his cousin, Martin Tang, on this new business venture.

According to the website, Lima Fusion will bring the flavors of Peru and Latin America. Ceviches, Empanadas, Tapas, Arepas will be some of their offerings. Peruvian and other Latin American cuisines are becoming more visible and popular in recent times as evidenced by the recent opening of Puyero Venezuelan Flavor in the city.

It will be located atΒ 32 South Main Street in the New Hope Ferry Market.

We’re big fans of both Quinoa Restaurant and El Tule, so we’re rather excited for Lima Fusion! More details as we get them.


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