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Saint Lucifer Spice Now Available at Jim’s Steaks

Saint Lucifer Spice is a local seasoning company growing in popularity across the greater Philadelphia area. The hot spice can be found at local markets, restaurants, and retailers all over the region. Now, you can spice up your cheesesteaks with the habanero blend at iconic Jim’s Steaks on South Street!

Saint Lucifer Spice at Jim's Steaks South Street

South Street Heat [Photo: Saint Lucifer Spice]

Saint Lucifer Spice and Jim’s Steaks have partnered to offer patrons a way to kick up their cheesesteaks. The Habenero Blend, a table spice made of garlic, salt, paprika, vinegar, and habanero peppers, is available in mini spice packets. Can you handle the heat? Check it out and let us know what you think.

For more information on Saint Lucifer’s full-line of seasonings and products, visit their online store.


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