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Grubspotting: Wahlburgers New Bành Mì Burger

Banh Mi Burger at Wahlburgers

Bành Mì Burger at Wahlburgers

Wahlburgers, the popular burger restaurant founded by Executive Chef Paul Wahlberg and brothers Mark and Donnie, debuts new east meets west spring menu offerings with the Vietnamese-style Banh Mi Burger.

Influenced by dishes from around the world, Chef Paul has added Asian flavors to his chef-inspired burger menu with the debut of The Banh Mi Burger, available for a limited time only.

Inspired by the flavor-packed classic Vietnamese sandwich, a 5 oz. freshly ground turkey burger is topped with sriracha mayo, country pȃté, kimchi, fresh jalapeño, english cucumbers, and cilantro, served on an artisan potato bun.

The kimchi is not a Vietnamese touch (rather Korean) but it’s probably a tasty addition to the burger nonetheless. Tag me if you go try it!

The Banh Mi Burger is available now until Memorial Day, May 29th.

Wahlburgers is located at 1033 N 2nd Street.


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