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Skinny Grub: Organic Jidori Chicken at Aqimero

Have you been keeping up with your healthier eating? I am proud to say I have. I haven’t weighed myself, but I’m feeling lighter and my clothes are feeling looser, so I think I’m moving in the right direction.

I’m back with another “Skinny Grub” dish this week. This one is compliments of Aqimero, located in the iconic Ritz-Carlton at 10 Avenue of the Arts in Center City. The restaurant, opened last year by internationally acclaimed chef restaurateur Richard Sandoval, features a menu with a “made from scratch” approach; focusing on sustainable seafood, steaks, ribs and poultry as well as an extensive offering of mezcals (Mexican spirit made from agave).


Aqimero’s Skinny Grub: Organic Jidori Chicken in Adobo ($28)

The featured slimmer dish on Aquimero’s menu is the Organic Jidori Chicken in Adobo served with creamed corn, Watercress Salad and freshly sliced Avocado. Sounds absolutely delightful!

If chicken isn’t your thing, there’s also several types of fish and seafood on the menu (including heart-healthy salmon and tuna). Not much in the way of veggie-friendly fare, though.

Let us know if you go try it and, as always, tell them Philly Grub sent ya.


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