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Parents Rejoice: Swiss Farms Packing Lunchboxes for Kids & Adults

Swiss Farms, the Delaware County-based drive-thru market, is eliminating a pain every parent knows too well: packing lunches.

Starting immediately healthy, well-balanced kid’s meals will be available for $4.99. Customizable lunchboxes include one half sandwich (add an additional half for $2), a side and a drink.

The kid’s menu is nut-free and options include ham and cheese or turkey and cheese half sandwiches; Full Circle applesauce, EnviroKidz granola bars, Annie’s cheddar bunnies or fruit snacks and Herr’s chips for sides; and Honest Kids juices or Swiss Premium lemonade to drink.

Swiss Farms Lunchboxes

To sweeten the deal, grown-up approved meals are available starting at $6.99. More refined palates can choose a sandwich or hoagie, chips and a drink. Meals come in a Swiss Farms lunchbox with carry handle.

Swiss Farms Adult Lunchboxes

The customizable adult (or hungry high-schooler) menu offers classic chicken salad, cranberry chicken salad, egg and tuna salad sandwiches, and Italian or turkey and swiss hoagies served with a variety of flavors of Herr’s chips and Swiss Premium drink pints. Pricing varies by selection and ranges from $6.99­–$9.99.


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