Beer / Logan Square

64 Beers of Boggs at City Tap House Logan

Attention Baseball and Beer Fans —
64 Beers of Boggs - Wade Boggs Beerfest at City Tap House Logan Square

On Wednesday, June 15th, starting at 3 pm, City Tap House at Logan Square will be offering great deals on 64 beers (some bottle, some draught) to commemorate baseball legend Wade Boggs and his love for beer on his 58th Birthday!

According to legend, Hall of Famer Boggs once started drinking in the Yankee clubhouse preparing for the teams flight from Boston to LA. Rumor has it that Boggs didnโ€™t stop drinking until the team had made their way cross-country to the West Coast, finishing off a total of 64 brews. Wowsa!

Something tells me this is going to get messy. Haha. The only thing better would be if Wade Boggs himself showed up.


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