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Introducing Ramona Susan’s Beeramisu Made With Love Stout from Yards Brewing Company

Introducing the Ramona Susan’s Beeramisu; now available at the Ramona Susan Bake Shop in Fishtown located at 1255 Marlborough Street.

Love Stout Beeramisu by Ramona Susan Bakeshop

Love Stout Beeramisu by Ramona Susan Bakeshop in Fishtown

Never lacking in creative culinaries, the ladies of Ramona Susan’s Bake Shop had an idea one night to combine two of their most beloved indulgences into one; the playfully named “Beeramisu” was born.

To honor the city and its brews, Ramona Susan’s teamed up with neighbors and local fav, Philadelphia’s own, Yards Brewing Company, using Yards’ seductively smooth Love Stout as a base for the recipe.

Ramona Susan’s Beeramisu is made from Lady Fingers soaked in a reduction of Love Stout and the official barley used in the brew.

It is then layered with mascarpone mousse with just a hint of coffee and rum. Each of the spirited-sweets is packaged in a Yards Love Stout 16 oz pint glass, which the customer gets to keep – for only $10 per pint.

When Ramona Susan’s decided to move forward with this new addition to their menu, Yards was their first thought for the beer.“We decided to go with Yards, firstly, because they are amazing people. We also love their beers and drink them all the time!” says Elly Koenig, co-owner of Ramona Susan’s. “But more than that, Yards is a Philly establishment and when you think about Philadelphia breweries, you think Yards.”

If you go & try it, tag us on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #phillygrub and #beeramisu


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