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Streetside BBQ Pop-Up at the Market at the Fareway in Chestnut Hill

Market at the Fareway

The Market at the Fareway in Chestnut Hill will host a pop-up BBQ event on February 27, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., where the owner of Streetside BBQ will be handing out samples and selling some of his top-quality specialties.

Streetside BBQ

The pop-up BBQ will feature Streetside BBQ, owned and operated by Demond Muller, also known as “The Philadelphia Area’s Classic BBQ Catering Company,” who prides itself on using top-quality meats, cooking the meats low and slow over fragrant woods in a closed barbeque pit and using homemade sauces that accentuate the total flavor for a complete experience.

The Market at the Fareway is a unique blend of indoor farmer’s market, café, and specialty food stands. It is located at 8229 Germantown Avenue, directly behind the Chestnut Hill Hotel.

The event is free and samples will be available as well as Streetside products available to purchase.


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