Former Local Chef, Hell’s Kitchen Season 7 Contestant, Siobhan Allgood Needs Help

If you’re a fan of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking competition reality show Hell’s Kitchen, you may recall Season 7 contestant, local chef Siobhan Allgood. She was eliminated in the 8th episode. Formerly Executive Chef of McKenna’s in Fairmount, she went on to cook for disgraced Chef Alex Capasso’s West Side Gravy (formerly Blackbird) at 714 Haddon Avenue in Collingswood. After that, she worked in various other kitchens and ran her own private chef business for a time.

A few years ago, she said goodbye to the culinary world and switched gears into the fashion design world. She began designing clothing under the moniker Blu Wisdom. A couple of months ago, she had the opportunity to go work for Stardust Love, a fashion accessory company based in Los Angeles, CA.

Unfortunately, some drama ensued, and she not only lost her job, but also a place to stay without notice. Since she used all of her savings to pursue her dream of working for this fashion company in LA, she and her pets are now living on the streets in Los Angeles and they could use your help. A friend of Siobhan’s has set up a GoFundMe to raise some funds for Siobhan to afford first, last and security for an apartment.

Siobhan Allgood
If you can donate to help Siobhan, please click on this link or the image above.



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