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Are Rockhill’s Cheesesteaks Really The Best in South Jersey?

We wanted to challenge Danya Henninger’s Courier-Post review of Cherry Hill restaurant Rockhill’s cheesesteaks as some of the best in South Jersey. Here’s what we think.

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Last week, Danya Henninger of Courier Post said that Rockhill’s cheesesteaks might just be the best in South Jersey.

Being big fans of Rockhill (been there at least 4 times since it opened), surprisingly we’ve never tried the cheesesteaks before. We don’t usually order cheesesteaks while dining out, we’re just not that into restaurant cheesesteaks. David makes the best at home as far as I’m concerned. We’ve since adapted this recipe here many times (no rotisserie needed) and found “the one” that works for us. We have it every few weeks because it’s just damn good! We’ll have to revisit the recipe and share with you soon.

Anyways, back to Rockhill, we’ve tried the pizza, stromboli, various sandwiches, salads and buffalo tater tots and all are great. This Courier Post article was the kick in the pants to return to try the talked-up cheesesteaks.

Since it was a Monday…

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