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Congratulations to the Next Food Network Star Melissa

nfns5_melissa_s3x4_alMan I love the Food Network. I also love competition shows. I’ve been watching The Next Food Network Star since the beginning. I’ve pretty much called the winner every season not long after the season starts. This season is no exception. I knew that a woman would have to win this season. Out of the woman contestants, Melissa was the stand out. She’s not only knowledgeable and passionate, but she’s pretty likable and certainly accessible. Which is what the Food Network needs.

According to Bob Tuschman’s blog, her show will premiere next week and will be called Ten Dollar Dinners with Melissa d’Arabian. Eh, they are setting her up to be the next Scamdra Lee. I’ll still check it out because I’m certainly on a budget and almost always cooking at home so I hope to learn some new recipes! *fingers crossed*


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